21 feb hemma

I natt kom det 15 cm ”fluffy” snö.
It’s the day before we leave as we wake up to a white world of snow outside. During the night approximately  15cm fell down turning the garden in a winter wonderland.
One of our two recident nuthatch (Nötväckare) enjoys its breakfast at the birdfeeder in the big tree behind our house. They are funny little birds that I like a lot: with their zorro-striped eyes and always hanging up side down. Only bird in Sweden that is doing that.

Sammi älskar att jaga snöbollar

Ok, Sammi may look a little bit grumpy in the photo. But believe me, she looooves the snow! This must be around snowball number 25 I am throwing, and she is still not tired of the game. I never had a cat that enjoyed so much chasing snowballs and sliding around in the fresh snow.

24 Februari


Vi har fått in en del av bilder, men det dröjer med ytterligare bilder pga ingen/dålig internetuppkoppling.

Hittills tur med vädret. Vi njuter!  🙂

24 Februari

Flying to Wellington




The coast of New Zealand


 The ferry from the North to the South Island seen from the plane.
The same ferry we will be taking tomorrow 🙂

  25 Februari

From Wellington to Picton


 View from our appartment in Wellington
 It’s early morning and we are waiting in line to board the ferry the ”Interislander” to the south island. The ferry trip takes around 3 hours.

 The views from the ferry are fantastic, navigating through the narrow inlets towards the little town of Picton on the South Island.

Driving the Queen Charlotte Road

When we arrived on the Picton we drove a bit of the Queen Charlotte Road to take in some more of the views of the beautiful coastline.

  26 Februari

From Christchurch

Today we have a long drive ahead of us. The planned road from Picton to Christchurch along the coast was closed due to the earthquake last year, and will not be opened for quite a few more months. So we took the alternative inland road. 


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